Strengths: Conceptualized design. Sophisticated typography. Art direction. Photo editing. Clean, well-organized layouts. Weaknesses: Pizza.

Hoping one day to find a smaller image of my face.

Hoping one day to find a smaller image of my face.


Katie Myrick

I started working at my college newspaper before I even moved into my dorm. While pursuing a bachelor's degree from Indiana University's Ernie Pyle School of Journalism, I interned at the Arizona Republic, St. Louis Post Dispatch and St. Petersburg (now Tampa Bay) Times. I was also a Poynter Fellow in 2009.

After graduating from IU, I was hired to work as a designer at the Washington Post. I started in sports (sidenote: remind me to tell you why everyone should start their design career in sports) and moved to news shortly thereafter. After designing Monday A1 for a few months, something big happened on my regular Sunday shift. Osama bin Laden was killed by American forces. It changed the world, and my career along with it.

I spent the next few years designing daily A1s at the Post, along with Sunday projects and longform pieces for the website. From there, I went to the Minneapolis Star Tribune as a projects designer, and finally, to the Omaha World-Herald, where I've been an A1 designer, online producer, business designer and art director.

Along the way, I've received multiple Awards of Excellence from the Society for News Design, 11 silver medals, 2 gold medals and have been part of 2 full-panel Judges' Special Recognitions. I also volunteered as editor of SND.org and have managed the coverage of SND's annual print competition multiple times.


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